FIGDESIGN, Inc., offers you fast and logical solutions to all your advertising and promotion needs. With 15 years of experience in the design and print industry our full-service capabilities can deliver everything necessary to make every project a success.

We invite you to avail yourself of our expertise in the near future, whether is for design service, digital banners, large format, off-set, outdoor campaigns, mailer campaigns or trade-show displays.

Mailer Campaigns

Big Advantages of Postcard Mailers

Versatile Functions - Multiple Applications Postcards have a variety of other uses asides being a mailer. Get better value for your marketing budget using postcards as flyers, special event invitations, trade-shows or even décor.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Advantages

Since it is in the public domain, Outdoor Advertising assuredly reaches its audience.  People can't "switch it off" or "throw it out." People are exposed to it whether they like it or not. In this sense, outdoor advertising truly has a "captured audience."


Are Banner Signs Effective?

Banner advertising can be a highly effective way for your business to announce new products, upcoming event(s), specials, build your brand, and drive sales. So YES, banners can be very effective for your business and or event.

  • "El Pescador Restaurants" website design

  • "El Pescador Mexican Grill" website design.

  • "El Pescador In Fillmore" website design.

  • "QUIERO SER GRUPERO" Outdoor Campaign.

  • Mexico vs Honduras Soccer Game Promotion.

  • Mariachi Weekends at El Pescador Bar & Grill

  • Azteca America "La Isla Reality" Poster Print.

  • Don Chente Restaurants Banner Design & Print.

  • Las Palmas Dental Mailer Campaign. Design & Print.

  • Nick Alexander BMW Door Hangers. Design & Print.

  • Tacos Don Chente Coupon. Design & Print.

  • Don Chente Restaurant Banner. Design & Print.

  • NeBRA Easter Buying Conference. Design & Print.

  • Plaza La Alameda "Fiestas Patrias 2012." Design & Print.

  • WBC2013 Postcard Mailer. Design & Print.

  • WBC2013 Brochure Mailer Campaign. Design & Print.

  • WBC2013 Nationwide Magazine Ad. Design